Q. Who is Contur and what makes Contur stand out from its competition?

A. Contur Cabinet was established in January of 2010 however, the ideas behind Contur’s new cabinet design have been lurking in the founder’s garage for many years prior to our founding. Our principal goal was to create an entirely new clean-sheet cabinet design with innovative features never before seen on a metal storage cabinet; all at an affordable cost. The contoured facing, swing-up doors, hidden finger pulls and a wide choice of interchangeable painted and stainless-steel panels are just a few of the innovative ideas from a new & innovative company. Some of these features are available only on higher-end cabinets that fetch prices almost double of what our cabinets sell for. Other design features don’t even exist in our competitors’ cabinets. Over 30 years of experience in the metalworking industry has allowed us to amass extensive knowledge in the ever-growing metal storage cabinet industry.

Q. Who typically buys a Contur Cabinet system?

A. Our innovative cabinets appeal to all thinking “outside of the box” . Our products demonstrate a crisp new European design with finishes and styling never before made available to the public. Similarly- equipped cabinets can fetch up to double the price of what our cabinets sell for. We’re truly convinced that you’ll be pleased at how beautiful our cabinets are and how nice they’ll look in your home.

Q. What is a “European-inspired” Cabinet?

A. The automotive industry has always had an influence on the design of many of our personal effects. The designs that come out of most European automotive styling studios are advanced and at times, futuristic-looking. When setting forth to design our new cabinets, we hired an industrial designer & stylist to come up with a timeless contoured design that takes cues from many of the European automotive styling houses. The end result is a cabinet with a distinct curved front facing that is commonly associated with European automotive designs.

Q. Why do your overhead cabinet doors swing upwards?

A. The designer of our cabinets was truly inspired by aerospace-engineered overhead luggage compartments that adorn the bulkheads of commercial jetliners. Aerospace engineers are constantly searching for methods to reduce weight and increase overall space in the commercial aviation sector. By having a door swing upwards, manipulation of the storage cabinet’s contents is easier to achieve should you wish to add, remove, or transfer contents from one cabinet to another. In addition, there is less chance of physical injury as the door fully extends above eye-level and beyond harm’s way.

Q. Please tell me more about the ‘Replaceable Front Panel System’ or better known as ‘RFPS’.

A. Contur does it’s homework before introducing a new product and we’re particularly proud of this feature. In the mid to high-end metal storage garage cabinet sector, there is currently no other metal cabinet manufacturer that produces a cabinet with interchangeable front panels. The choice of color is very personal. Imagine purchasing a set of our cabinets in a color that matches your car or your washer/dryer. Years later, you purchase a new vehicle or replace your appliances and now wish that your existing cabinets would match the color of your new acquisition. Prior to the launching of the Contur cabinet, you would have been required to replace or re-paint all of your cabinet doors with new units which, would be a truly expensive ordeal. Enter Contur Cabinet’s patent-pending ‘RFPS’ system. You simply order a new color or finish from us, we ship you new panels and you install them using our user-friendly instructions. It’s that simple! There is a choice of six (6) stunning colors to choose from as well as brushed Stainless-Steel. A true innovative feature from Contur Cabinet.

Q. Why should I buy metal cabinets. Aren’t wood, laminate or MDF cabinets less expensive?

A. One of Contur’s requirements as a new cabinet manufacturer was to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. This challenge would have been very hard to overcome had we tried to explain to our clients how we cut down trees to make cabinets. We’re not knocking wood as it does have its proper place in areas like the kitchen or den, but not in an aggressive and humid environment such as in the garage, laundry or mud room. If you factor in the required maintenance of wood-based cabinets and their inability to withstand typical garage conditions with day-to-day abuse, the price difference between wood and metal is not that big at all. In addition, these cabinets will last the lifetime of your garage or laundry room. Can the same thing be said for a wood product? We assure you that no trees have been harmed in the production of our metal cabinets. (Please see Environmentally- friendly question shown below)

Q. Can your drawers support the weight of a person as do some of your competitors?

A. Our 100-lb rated full-extension cabinet drawers have been designed for typical light & heavy tools, liquids, car parts and whatever else one would normally store in a cabinet drawer; but definitely not a human being. For the risk-taker wishing to perform acrobatic acts, we strongly recommend using a step ladder or even a trampoline. But please, don’t stand on our drawers!

Q. Why don’t you offer wheel casters on your upright drawer and cabinet modules?

A. Customer safety is our concern at Contur. By installing a component like a wheel caster on a heavy mass such as a loaded cabinet, the inducement of an uncontrolled motion may occur where we feel that consumer safety may be compromised. A heavily-loaded cabinet equipped with wheel casters that is put into motion may cause bodily harm as well as potential damage to surrounding property or vehicles within the garage space. Since most garages are built with a sloped floor for proper water drainage, the probability of this occurring is potentially high. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of casters on our products.

Q. Are your cabinets environmentally-friendly?

A. Our cabinets have been manufactured using strict environmental guidelines to ensure compliance. Our all-metal cabinets feature advanced electrostatic powder-coat paint technology. Compared to regular lacquer and enamel liquid paint systems, this solvent-free process eliminates harmful emissions and fumes that would have normally been vented to the atmosphere. The packaging of all our products is fully recyclable as our shipping cartons use 60% recycled post consumer waste. In addition, our RFPS system (see below) assures reduced waste by replacing only the front door and drawer panels as compared to other cabinet systems which require entire door replacement.

Q. Where can I buy a Contur Cabinet?

A. Contur Cabinets are available exclusively through our growing network of dealers & resellers across the United States and Canada. Please visit our WHERE TO BUY page for a Contur dealer near you. If a dealer is unavailable in your region, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist you with your order. If you are a garage organization product reseller or cabinet dealer that is looking for a fresh and unique product to offer your clients, we’d love to hear from you.

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