The Contur Advantage
contur (kŏnto͝or) n. (definition)
  • A curving surface or form.
  • To make or shape the outline of.
  • Shaped to fit the outline or form of something.
When I was first approached by the team at Contur to help design an entirely new metal storage cabinet system for the home market, I immediately felt the desire to create something different. Something so new, it would evoke to all how different this company and its new products truly are.

My prime objective was not to merely sketch yet another mundane storage cabinet design but rather to create a timeless European-inspired shape that, when integrated together with engineered working features, would represent a new industry standard never before seen on a mass-produced metal cabinet. This cabinet is a testament as to what can be technically accomplished with today’s CAD/CAM computer-aided design & manufacturing technology; together with an old-fashioned mind for true innovation and styling.

From the contoured profile design to the aerospace-inspired swing-up door, much thought has been utilized in the conception of these beautiful cabinets. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate the passion and logic that has been integrated into the design and development of the Contur cabinet line.

I am truly confident that you will share the same enthusiasm for them as we do.

Luc Chapleau
Industrial Designer/Stylist

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